Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Troy, a Nigerian Prince, and my Inspiration Collide in a Bar

Dear Diary,

Ever since I received my fake ID, I have made an effort to use it at least four times a week. Though it has been great for my social status, my grades are beginning to suffer. After an entire weekend that I can't seem to remember, I walked into my literature class only to learn that I missed that deadline for a paper that I forgot to turn-in, or start for that matter. To avoid failing, I am now required to attend a creative writing class.

I was anxious to walk into a room without knowing anyone without the crutch of alcohol, so when I saw Troy enter the class, I was ecstatic. From the moment the professor opened his mouth, he could not get a full sentence out. We don't hit the five minute mark before Troy hijacks the class and negates everything the professor had said. However unconventional his outburst was, one statement stuck. "If you try to find inspiration, you will fail. You have to let inspiration find you. You know? Just like a watched pot never boils, a search for inspiration never succeeds."

The class was dismissed as soon as Troy stormed out, but the comment rattled around my brain for hours. Am I trying to find inspiration where there is none? Is my life uninspired? I couldn't take it anymore, so I retreated to Joe's. It was there that I received an email from a man in need. This will be my inspiration. I will help this Nigerian prince who has found himself in a storm of bad luck.

Thank you Troy. Thank you Nigerian prince.
I have found my inspiration.

Lucia Jayne


  1. Dream topic: scrambled eggs
    Prophecy: failing a class is the least of your worries in the coming week.
    Suggestions: get your fake Id taken away

  2. I included you in my blog. Thank you for the pie.